4 Uses of Music

4 Uses of Music

Music is ubiquitous in our culture. From the way we dress to the way we live our lives, music plays such a large role in shaping us into who we are. Did you know that music has been scientifically proven to change someone’s mood, improve their health, improve mood for real money casino games and even influence their behaviour? Check out these 5 uses of music. Let us get straight into it.

Used at Funerals

We can all agree that funerals are pretty sad events. They are meant to be sombre occasions where people pay tribute to those they have lost. But why not take a cue from nature and use some upbeat music instead? A study conducted by different scientists suggests that using music at funerals can help lower attendees’ blood pressure because this kind of stress-relieving activity lowers levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with chronic stress.

Used at Weddings

Music is used at weddings to set the mood. In addition, there’s also evidence that points to an improvement in guests’ experience due to the presence of certain types of music. Research published in the journal «Emotion» found that wedding couples who chose songs that induced positive feelings in brides had more fun during photos than those who went for negative emotions like fear or anger. What’s more, newlyweds who listened to love ballads were seen as happier on their wedding day than other brides who opted for alternative melodies.

Used as Study or Focus Chatter

Students do better in school when studying certain types of music. In one experiment, subjects were divided into two groups – one listened to classical music, another to light rock. After 20 minutes of focusing on work, each group was given tests to measure how much information they retained. People who listened to Classical music scored higher in retention if the music consisted of familiar themes which could be linked to past knowledge. 

Worship Or At Church

Listening to music while praying or worshipping God is believed to be a form of meditation. Studies suggest that singing praises to God increases endorphin production, and decreases stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

In conclusion, they are many uses for music in our everyday lives. We hope you have looked through the list and enjoyed going through it. You can also listen to music whilst playing games at any real money casino south africa  of your choice .

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